Creating a game is like writing a novel: once you send it out into the world, it is no longer yours, and every reader or player will make it their own.

With this in mind, I’m fascinated to know about any variations (or improvements) people make as they play Ulus. Please use the Comment feature, so others can read them and decide whether to try them.

For example: since the earliest days of developing Ulus, I had the idea that a champion might, under the right circumstances and given enough strength, capture a monster rather than killing it, and then, at some future point, use it against another player.

In the end I didn’t incorporate this version because I wanted to go with the possibility of one champion calling on another champion’s help to fight a monster, and if there were the chance that someone else might set a monster against them, nobody would ever cooperate.

Still, it’s an intriguing idea, and if someone does develop this variation, please let us know. Or any other workable variations that maintain the spirit of the game!


Superhealing Variant

In this version, a champion who decides to sit out for a turn and heal rather than fighting a monster gains five strength points–but there is no limit to the amount of strength they can gain by this repeated pacifism. So in theory a player could choose to focus on gathering strength rather than gaining assets, avoid the risk involved in fighting monsters, and end up with as many as 40 or 50 strength. It’s an interesting variant that works quite well when there are more players, and thus the monsters are stronger. On the other hand, it makes the game less collaborative, and cuts out some of the negotiations around joining forces to fight monsters.


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