The ULUS Team

Bajuna Batjargal (feltmaker) is a fabric designer working in traditional Mongolian fabrics, especially felt.

BeeSoy (game mat designers and makers), a.k.a Begzsuren, 45 years old, a software engineer, and his wife Mungunsoyombo, 44 years old, a healthy lifestyle coach. “We married in 1998 and have three children. We have been hosting international travelers at our home since 2008 to share Ger life and making traditional dairy products and Mongolian traditional games. After 10 years, we started to make a video talk #MongoliaFriend to tell the story of who visited Mongolia and to our home. In March, 2020 we designed and sewed the “9 dawa game board” for Mongolian board games. As a host family, BeeSoy prefer to live healthy and active lives with traditional and modern knowledge. We have been hosting about 1000 travelers from the World countries since 2008 to share Mongolian Ger life, culture of cooking at home, and doing creative works.”

Maddy Brookes (game artist) is an illustrator and designer based in Brooklyn, NY. She attended the Savannah College of Art and Design for two years before finishing her fine arts degree at the American University of Paris. Maddy has had work featured at venues from Vermont to Paris to NY as well as in BUST magazine. She currently works at The Charles, a boutique design agency in NYC.

Her primary medium is digital painting, focusing on portraiture and figurative work. She likes to play with color and color psychology in all her work, as well as drawing from the past to interpret modern subjects. She dabbles in many different creative outlets and appreciates what can be learned from each one and how it can inform another.

 Ganbaatar Choimbol (game artist) is a painter and a caricature and book illustrator born in Mongolia. He holds bachelor and master’s degree in Art, with emphasis in the traditional Mongol style painting. He is internationally recognized, and his solo and group exhibitions have been held from galleries in Mongolia, to France, Singapore, Russia, Japan, United Kingdom, China, New Zealand, and the United States, among others.

Ganbaatar’s artworks comprise of many painting styles, including fine art, book illustration, traditional art, mural art, caricature, ink sketch, etc. He paints using oil paints, acrylic, watercolor and ink mixed media.

His talent has been recognized with several awards from his homeland as well as from international competitions, including several prestigious awards from the International Society of Caricature Artists. Ganbaatar lives in the United States and continues to create his inimitable artworks full of the indigenous elements of the Mongol art tradition.


Nyamsuren Dash (calligrapher and lexicographer)
Certified Bachelor of Arts by the National University of Mongolia in 2010. He works as a lexicographer and Mongolian script editor in Monsudar publishing. Since 2013, he has been organizing private training on Mongolian calligraphy.

Jovan Ellis (game consultant/tester/editor) is the Content Developer for the Free Library of Philadelphia’s Literacy Enrichment Afterschool Program (LEAP). He has a background in education, game design, narrative, intercultural competence, and multimedia art, and he has worked on social impact projects with clients such as the United Nations. Jovan is passionate about creating access to resources and leveraging art and technology for social good, and during his Master of Fine Arts, he explored the cultural preservation of Mongolian calligraphy and folklore through games. Today, Jovan lives in his hometown of Philadelphia, PA, after spending nearly a decade in Vermont.


Hilko Drude (game consultant/editor) holds a Master‘s degree in Tibetology. He is a language teacher by day and a game enthusiast around the clock, with eight published games to his credit, including Docker, Débrouille-toi!, and Mission Impractical. He regularly translates games into German and runs a blog which focusses on games from Latin America, Asia and Africa.




Alec Julien (art director) is a graphic designer, typographer, educator, musician, and mathematical anti-realist. He is the proud in-house designer for the Endangered Alphabets Project. When he’s not designing game paraphernalia, books, logos, fonts, and websites, Alec teaches philosophy and music at nearby colleges. He lives in Vermont with his wife, three cats, and the occasional desire to move to Hawaii.



Тurburam Sandagdorj (game artist) aka STuro the Scissorhand is a Mongolian-born American artist, book illustrator, paper cut silhouette artist, and sculptor. In 1986 he introduced the art of paper-cut silhouettes into Mongolian fine arts, acting as an innovator and mentor to others.

He has displayed his work at 30 exhibitions in Mongolia, Japan, Norway, China, Poland, Germany, France, Turkey, USA and Sweden, and illustrated more than 50 books for adult and world literatures.

In 1990, he was awarded the honor of Laureate of the Union of Mongolian Artists for his illustrations for the 750th anniversary of the “Secret History of the Mongols,” the oldest surviving literary work in the Mongolian language.



Olgierd “Oleś” Uziembło was born in 1972 in  Poland, grew up in Russia, was educated in China, and now teaches Chinese at Warsaw University in Poland. Interested in theatre, calligraphy and linguistics. Naturally scripts connect all three of them, so Endangered Alphabets are a natural choice. Since getting involved with the Endangered Alphabets he tries to do his best in helping where he can and at the same time work on teaching gamification, which is of professional interest. He is a member of research groups Sign and Symbol (working on writing systems of the world), and Siglum (a manuscript research group). Loves dogs, but has a cat.


Alisa Zagusta was born in Belarus but has lived most of her life in Poland. Her biggest passions are drawing and learning about different cultures. She can spend hours surfing the internet reading about traditions and mythologies all around the world and fortunately it seems to be an endless adventure because the more you learn about a culture, the more you understand how little you know about it.
The country her heart really belongs to is Japan and she hopes that in the near future she will have an opportunity to finally go there to feel the spirit of this magical country and its wonderful people.






We also want to thank all those who made a special contribution to our Kickstarter campaign that took Ulus from an idea to a game:
Alan Irwin, Alexander King, Ann Louise Santos, Anonymous, Behnam, Bethan Tovey, Bin Tran, Brody Finney, Cole Jenkins, Craig Armstrong, David Nathan-Maister, Davy Giulio, Diana, Eric Cooper, Erik Vogt, Fnu Aodengtuya, Ibrahim, James McIlhargey, John Tollefsen, Jonathan, Joshua Ehrlich, Jovan Ellis, Karman Lucero, Keith Cunningham, Keokee, Lint, Meaghan Williams, Megan Black, Michael, Mike Chen, Qymana Botts, Rachel Ballantine, Rafael Santiago, Montalvo, Sandsha Andreyev, Sandy Pug Games, Shaan Heng-Devan, Tommie Gilbert, Warren Daynes, William J Poser, Wyatt Henderson.

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