Q. How many people can play ULUS?

A. The game is set up for 2-6 players, but of course you can bring more in by playing in teams.

Q. What are the paperclips for?

A. Aha! Yes, every game comes with six brightly-colored paperclips. These are my high-tech solution to the question “How much strength does my champion have right now?” You take one of the scorecards and one of the paperclips, attach the latter to the former, and then move the clip up and down the scorecard as your champion’s strength goes up and down. Why six paperclips? Why six scorecards? Because we want the game to be playable by up to 6 players.

Q. How do I gather up the game mat in this very traditional Mongolian fashion?

A. If you watch the promo video at ulusgame.com, you’ll actually see our Mongolian partners demonstrating how to gather up the edges of the mats. And those who are especially alert will see that the toggle-style fastenings used with the standard edition game mat are almost identical to the fastenings on the front of our partners’ traditional Mongolian jackets.

Q. Is there any significance to the different colors of the shagai?

A. None whatever. Though of course you could invent your own version in which the blue stands for the Eternal Blue Sky, the yellow for the Gobi Desert, the green for the endless steppes, the white for the winter snows on Bogd Khan….

Q. Is there any way of seeing more Mongolian language and script in the game?

A. You’re reading my mind! In a sense this edition is the introductory edition, and it does what we were able to do on the budget we had. Assuming we manage to sell a few copies (well, a few dozen copies) of the game and therefore can extend our budget, I have two Mongolian calligraphers standing by to work on a more linguistically sophisticated deck very much along the lines you describe, and then folks can choose which edition they prefer. The challenge will be to get all that text on the card, but I think we’ll be able to manage it.

Q. So when a hero is defeated by a monster, the monster then engages with the player to the left. (But only if that player had previously decided to fight versus rest, correct?) The question is, if the monster makes it all the way around back to the original player (because it then defeated all the other [non-resting] players) what happens?

A. Excellent question! If it has defeated all the champions in turn, the monster retires undefeated, nobody gets an asset card, and the round is over–and therefore everyone passes an asset card to the player on their left and the caravan moves on to the next sacred site.

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